Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Naomi and Amazing ME (Maggie)

Naomi and Amazing ME, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Sorry I have not been blogging as of late. Got back from my last trip and jumped right into work. And I have been having a few computer problems the last few days... but have finally given in and have called the computer doctors! What a pain! But I thought I would share a few sweet photos that I took on the trip. I do have a few more wip's to share from before the trip.... just have to get back into the routine!

These pics are of a good friend of mine's mare with her first foal.... a beautiful little fillie! You may remember in earlier posts that I mentioned a friend and client that lost her battle with cancer... well this was her mare. I did a portrait of her when she was showing her.  Her mother was a partner in her horse business and has continued on for Margaret.  The sire of the foal is named Amazing... so the foal is going to be "Amazing ME" (the ME standing for "Margaret Edge" my friend!  Maggie for short!)   I will be doing a pastel portrait of one or a combination of photos! I got to the farm for the shoot and Naomi was covered in dried mud! And of course, no one was around. So I managed to find a curry and brush and did some work before I took the photos! She had been a princess show horse, and LOVED the grooming! Someone forgot to tell her that brood mares do not necessarily get groomed so often! This first one is my favorite with a few tweaks... open Naomi's eye and maybe move little Maggie back a bit.


  1. The first photo is my favourite also .... but they are all lovely. How cute is Amazing Me - but then Naomi is quite stunning isn't she. Look forward to seeing your painting of these two