Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Char with Rita,Bruiser,Doc,&Ellie #1

This is one I did back in march... A little behind here!! It was a complicated one... started with Char the dogs and the horse on the left (Rita). Char was suppose to send me photos of a horse that had been retired up in NY state. Never could get a good shot that would work with what I had taken. Then she got this new mare... Ellie. So I convinced her to do this one in the group and that maybe later we could do one of the retired horse by himself. I took all the photos while she was here for the winters showing. Luckily the rock was still on the show grounds, so I could keep the light consistent. The back ground was from a different photo entirely... the show grounds were not very pretty this time of year. As you will see, it does all come together in the end! And she is happy!! Which is what matters the most! Well Char and me!!

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