Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frodo Sage & Sadie

Frodo Sage & Sadie, originally uploaded by debifitz.

pastel on le carte pastel paper
private collection
actual size 25.5"X19.5"


This is the first time I have tried the le carte pastel paper. I had it mounted on matte board for stability. I almost always have my papers mounted before I work on them... I figure the framer is going to have to mount the piece for framing, so I might as well do it. It makes it easier to work on and ship. And I don't have to worry about it coming back because it was smeared in the mounting process. As for the le carte paper... I liked it for this piece... all the white was a pain. But I like the way I could get more detail in the dogs, being as small as they are here. I think I like the le carte board better... but I don't think I can get it in the bigger size. It has a little bit stickier surface, which I found interesting.

I have just ordered 2 new pastel surfaces... one is a velour board made by Hamuhle. This is my last try with velour! The other is one I am a little excited about... Clairefountaine pastelmat card. All the reviews were extremely positive... including a couple that were ready to give up on pastels until they tried this surface. There was also 2 really nice portraits as examples. I am really excited to try this one... just have to figure out which piece to do on it first!

I hand delivered this portrait to the client on my way up to Tn. for a family reunion in the Smokey Mts.. The client was very happy with the piece and I had a great time at the reunion. I will post some pics from the mountains soon. I drove home a long the Blue Ridge Pky.... one of my favorite things to do. I discovered another craft center on this trip. I love looking at appalachian hand crafts. I have decided I want to take up whittling... in my spare time of course!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Usher Portrait #7

UsherPortrait #7, originally uploaded by debifitz.
Pastel on suede matt board
actual size 20"X26"
artists collection


Almost done and the client tells me she really wants the portrait horizontal... After pulling my hair a little and screaming into a pillow, I will do it over horizontally. So this portrait is now part of my collection. I could be a stinker and just give this to her and move on. But I really want my clients to be happy... so many of my commissions are from personal referrals. I really can not afford (especially in this market) to have some one unhappy. I am going to put this aside for awhile to work on a few portraits to catch up economically and then do it over... I will also change the back ground to something else from Blowing Rock... they are known for their flower borders. I have some photos of a fence line next to a warm up area with lots of black-eyed susans. The yellow will be very pretty with Usher's dark bay coloring. This is a lesson to me to be a lot more specific with the clients and to write it down! I usually do this, but this was a spontaneous commission for a return client.... lesson learned the hard way! In over 25 years I have never had to do artist/client contracts... maybe this is a time to start.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

UsherPortrait #6

UsherPortrait #6, originally uploaded by debifitz.

pastel on suede
actual size 20"X26"
private collection


Sorry I have not been posting... I got to go to my Fitzgerald family reunion. It was held in the Gatlinburg, Tn. area of the Smokey Mountains. Had a great time! I have not seen my cousins in over 20 years! And it is amazing how we all just picked up like the 20 years were 2 years instead! I also had a few photo shoots... one in Blowing Rock, NC, and one in Flat Rock, NC.. I delivered a portrait on my way up to Tenn.. I will post that one a little later. I got some really good shots of a bear that was a frequent visiter to the cabin! My cousin Mike got a great short video of 4 bear cubs and mother playing. Of course my camera at that time was in the car!! Could not get to the car because of the bears!! After they left, I got my camera out and ready.. and of course they did not come back! One lone male came by a few times... got some nice shots of him. But he was not nearly as much fun as the cubs! I will post some pics later today... still have to process them.