Friday, April 12, 2013

Live Oak Inter 2013

Live Oak Inter 2013, originally uploaded by debifitz.
Here are some more photos from Live Oak International Combined Driving Competition. The only thing that would have made these photos better, was the sun! The weather was suppose to be really bad. The event got lucky... all the really bad weather hopped right over us both days. So I guess I should not complain about clouds. It only rained for about 20 minutes on sunday. And only 2 classes were cancelled. Should have been so much worse! There were tornadoes just south of Live Oak... could have been so much worse!!! We did get A LOT of wind also! You can see it in the spanish moss whipping in the wind. I do think you get better color when you do not have bright sun... the best light is a hazy sky. This was a little darker than that...  And the trees.... so lovely!  This farm is known for their magnificent trees!  What a fabulous setting for a show!

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