Sunday, April 7, 2013

Live Oak Inter 2013

Live Oak Inter 2013, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Two weekends ago I got to attend the Live Oak International Combined Driving Event. It is similar to a three day event, where the horse and rider do dressage, cross country and then a stadium jumping class. When driving, they have basically the same thing... first day is a dressage class. They get all dressed up and go through their paces in front of judges. Second day they do a cross country class. There are a series of obstacles that they must go through. Small tennis balls at set on top of the obstacles... if the fall off, it is like dropping a rail and is a 4 point deduction from their score.It is also timed.  This day is really exciting! The obstacles include bridges, water, ravines, and lots of in and out fenced in closures. It is like a big fair... lots of tailgating and cheering! The 3rd day is an in the ring obstacle course of cones with the dreaded tennis balls on top. Just like jumping, there is a course that the team must navigate through without knocking off the tennis balls. 4 points for every ball that gets knocked off. And it is timed! They usually dress for this class also. They also included a jumper class this year which was fun!  Luckily I knew someone who knew someone and I got a media pass... so I was able to get in the ring and take photos.  But I actually find some of the best shots are in the warm up area. Here are a few of my favorites. I will post more of these for the next few days.... I have a hard time picking my favorites!!   Hope you all enjoy! I am itching to do a few of these as pastels and oils!


  1. Oooh I love that first picture Debi ... it cries out to be painted/drawn :-)

  2. I know!!! Thanks Sue! There are a couple more that I will post in the next few days that I love also. Going to be a hard decision... maybe I will have to do them all!!