Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frances Boys Pastel #9

Frances Boys Pastel #9, originally uploaded by debifitz.

pastel on pastelmat
private collection
actual size 18"X22"

Done! Signed, sealed and delivered! Literally!! This was for a local friend/client... so I did not have to ship it! She loved it! Actually after I took this photo I went back and nit-picked it some more... mostly the bay horse's chest area... it was not very distinct in the photo. And I think I have it a little too yellow brown instead of a reddish brown... But that is just me! Also played with the tree on the left some and the background in general.

I think I like this paper... it has its good points and a few bad points. Good points... the color quality is wonderful. I love that I can use pastel pencils on it. The quality of line is also good. One draw back is that I have to be careful not to load the paper up too much.... then I lose that wonderful line quality. And it smudges rather easily... even with spraying with a fixative. But the pastel does not seem to come off...

My next project is of two little boys on a fence. It will be the first one I will be doing without dry mounting.... and it is the first one of people on this surface.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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