Monday, November 7, 2011

Frances' Boys Pastel #1

Frances' Boys Pastel #1, originally uploaded by debifitz.
pastel on pastelmat
private collection
actual size 18"X22"

This is another pastel progression that I am doing on Clairfontaine pastelmat. The size is 18"X22". I actually started this one on a piece of velour board. But I so enjoyed my last project on the pastelmat, that I started this one over on the other sheet that I had unfortunately dry mounted... evidently a big NO NO! I just got an order of 5 large sheets of the pastelmat after I had already started this piece. The other wonderful thing about this paper is that it comes in a larger size 29"X40"! I have a portrait commission coming up soon for 6 horses! I will need that larger size! This is also the first time I have worked on a surface this dark. I had to use a white pastel pencil for the drawing. I will have to get a white lead pencil... the pastel is just a little too soft for drawing details.
Oh, and the Frances of "Frances' Boys Pastel" is the women riding the horse in the oil painting in the header of my blog!

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