Monday, October 17, 2011


Sienna, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Oil on Ampersand artist panel
private collection
actual size 11"X14"

This was a really fun piece and smaller than I usually do. I also have never painted on a panel. This one has a canvas texture to it. I really enjoyed the firm surface! It was nice to not bounce on the canvas when I push the paint around! I also used a retouch varnish while working on it.... I always spray with retouch varnish to protect the piece until the client has a permanent varnish applied (paint takes 6 months to cure before you should apply varnish). Some of the colors tend to dry and look totally different. Spraying the painting makes the paint look wet again. And I enjoyed working on the slick surface... I think I have to try a smooth panel for my next painting!

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