Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aiken Steeplechase 2012 final!

Aiken Steeplechase 2012, originally uploaded by debifitz.
oil on canvas
artist collection
actual size 24"X30"


This is a better pic... I took it outdoors. The day was slightly overcast... so I did not have to deal with any glare on the paint. I also sprayed it with a re-touch varnish. The rule is not to varnish for at least 6 months. The retouch varnish will protect it until then and it also bring the paint up to all one gloss. I just love the way that looks... it almost looks like the paint is floating on the canvas... my favorite part!!! I spend a lot of time "nit picking" my paintings... this one is no exception! In fact it should be the text book!. So much going on! Not really much painting, but a lot of stepping back and looking, then going back and touching up this and that. I have also found taking photos very useful. When I put them on my desktop, I see things that I might have missed. Before the computer entered my life I would put the paintings on the mantel in the living room and live with them for a while. I don't really have the luxury of all the time for that these days! One of my first (and favorite!) professors in college once said that the judge of a good work of art is to be able to sit with it across from your favorite chair for a long period of time!

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