Friday, October 21, 2011

Danny & Ron's Rescue calendar cover

Danny & Ron's Rescue calendar cover

gouache on Ampersand watercolor panel
actual size 16"X22"
property of Danny and Ron's Rescue

Well it is that time of year again... time for the calendar cover! This is the third cover I have done for my good friends Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw. They have this amazing dog rescue operation.... because of them, 3372 dogs have found homes so far! They are 2 of my most favorite people in the world! And this is the least I can do for them! The calendar is coming out the first of November. If you would like to order one, go to their web site...

Even if you don't want a calendar, go and visit their site! Next year we are going to go back to my idea of having a different artist do a dog's portrait for each month... but we are going to start earlier in the year!!

This one was quite the challenge! We used this wagon that was on display at a horse show. It is a little bigger than I really wanted... I had envisioned a pony cart. By using this one, the painting got really big! I even made the wagon and the horses (which I had photographed years ago at a driving competition here in Ocala) a little smaller.  Otherwise the whole painting would have been about the horses and wagon.  I started it on a smaller board and quickly chucked it and ran to the nearest art store for a larger one! There was just no way that I would have been able to get details on Ron and Danny at that size. I could actually have played with this a while longer (as always!)... but we were already way past our deadline!  NEXT YEAR... I will start earlier!  Of course I say that every year! :)

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