Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aiken Steeplechase #10

Aiken Steeplechase #10, originally uploaded by debifitz.
oil on canvas
artist collection
actual size 24"X30"

This is really a bad photo.... the light on the left  is way too close and I have a glare. When I am doing these progressions I don't really take the time to get good photos. I shoot them right on the easel with the lights I work under... so the piece comes out a little on the yellow side. I will take it outside for the last photo.... it will be a little closer to the actual painting. At this point, I have been working on the jockeys. I will move on to the horses next, then the background again (those dogwoods!).... almost finished. I can "nit pick" these for ever.... you really will not be ale to see that much difference in the photos. So my next photo will be the final.

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