Thursday, September 8, 2011

Studio Project

Studio003, originally uploaded by debifitz.

And for my next project... I lined my paint drawers with aluminum flashing. A wonderful friend (Jim Simms) long ago made this for me when I graduated from college. It has held lots of stuff over the years. But I really like having my oil paints in these drawers. There are two drawers. The second drawer has a sliding pull out tray (seen sitting on the top of the cabinet) Anyone that uses oil paints know that they always leak and get gooey. A first I lined them with aluminum foil... did not work! So I decided to try aluminum flashing. I made templates of the bottom and sides of each compartment. Cut the flashing... which was easier than I expected. Then I taped the edges together with "Gorilla Tape" ( A super sticky duct tape) this will hopefully keep me from slicing my fingers and keep the sides in place. So far this job worked out pretty well... but I did mange to cut my index finger... right thru the nail! ouch! As my husband said... it was inevitable! When ever I start cutting stuff.... At least it is on my left hand! And Neosporin is my friend!! Great stuff! It is healing nicely!

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