Thursday, September 1, 2011

Danny and Ron Rescue new logo

Danny and Ron Rescue new logo, originally uploaded by debifitz.

property of Danny and Ron Rescue

This is the new art work that I have created for Danny and Ron's rescue. They will use it on their web site and for their stationary, tee shirts, etc..

I took the photo of the puppies while in Camden last spring. I was there to shoot pics for the 2012 calendar (which I really need to start working on!!). The puppies were all from the same liter and looked more like the two puppies closest to the little boy. I changed the other two to more resemble some of the other types of dogs Ron and Danny rescue. I took the photos of the little boy last summer at Blowing Rock while shooting photos for some clients at a horse show. He was actually looking at a caterpillar in some flowers! I knew I could use it in something like this!

Here is a little story on Ron and Danny... just to give you an idea of what they are like... They went on a much needed vacation in the Virgin Islands about a month ago. It had been years since they just went away where it had nothing to do with family or horses. While they were in paradise they found time to locate the humane shelter and adopted two dogs that they could bring back with them on the plane! It is just what they do!

These guys are truly amazing... they have found homes for over 3300 dogs to date! Doing my art for them is the very least I can do to help. If anyone is interested in their cause, go to...

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