Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Char with Rita,Bruiser,Doc,&Ellie #7


  1. Hi Debi
    Fabulous work as always. I've just read back over your older posts and not clear if this is a work you have already completed or one actually on the drawing board?
    Either way, its fascinating to watch it come together

  2. Thanks Sue! This is one I have already completed... I have gotten a little lax about posting this year :( but it is nice to have a back log of work to post.

  3. so ... you're just teasing us with snippets now and then LOL

    look forward to the next installation ...

  4. Ha! I am lucky to remember to take the photos as I work! If I had to post and write while I was trying to get something done... the art work would never get done!! I sort of go into "the zone" when I am trying to get something done... and I forget everything else! I end up playing catch up in between. And around christmas is the worst! Then while I am posting that stuff, I am still working on other pieces... I will probably catch up just before christmas this year! This one is from feb/march.