Friday, June 14, 2013

Char with Rita,Bruiser,Doc,&Ellie #5

Sorry I have not posted this sooner... I have had family over and we have been building... or I should say rebuilding a hay and feed shed. We just got the roof and one wall up for now. But it is already SO much better than the one I had. Husband was fine with the old one... typical!! :) But the roof was gone and we just had a tarp to keep the rain off the hay. I would not let him repair the old roof... then I would be stuck with it forever! So handy brother-in-law came down and they tackled this.... I feed them and was gofer! We have tried to use as much of the old shed as was useable! And got wood from horse fencing to use as siding. The floor and loft storage will have to come later! But it is a start! and of course I did not get much work done!

This is what I have done with Char so far.... Luckily I am using the photo of Char that is actually with Ellie... makes life much easier when they have the same lighting.

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