Friday, April 5, 2013

MaryClara & Scout #9

MaryClara & Scout #9, originally uploaded by debifitz.
pastel on PastelMat
private collection

All done! I am just so happy with the way this one came together. I love how I could repeat the colors from the back ground to the subjects and fore ground. I think that this is the sort of thing that no one really notices, but makes a big difference in the final piece. For instance... the purple grays from the spanish moss in the trees are also in Scout and Emma's chest. Also some purples are in MaryClara's jeans. And then I also have some of the blues from her jeans repeated in the grass. When I am working I leave all the pastels that I have used in the back ground in a wooden tray so that I can keep track of the colors. When I am finished with a piece, I always try to put all my pastels away. They are stored in an antique printers cabinet... each color has its own drawer.  When I start on a new piece, I can start fresh and do not have to hunt for specific colors. Also give me a chance to sweep up the dust... to make room for a new set of dust!

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