Monday, April 1, 2013

MaryClara & Scout #8

MaryClara & Scout #8, originally uploaded by debifitz.

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Coming down the home stretch! The tack took some work... lots of little details. Sometimes I get a little too caught up in those details... but I want the client to be happy and do not want it to look like I pile of leather in the back ground. Now I will just be finishing up the grass and pulling it all together. I like to make sure that I use colors from the back ground also in the subjects and vice versa! I think it goes a long way to making my work... work! I don't want to have a "green" back ground and a "gray" horse... In nature colors are reflected all around us. It is what makes my subjects "fit" into their back grounds.... they are a part of it, as they really are. Hope that makes some sense!!

Sorry I have lax in posting... I had a big weekend here... I was taking photos at the Live Oak International Combined Driving and jumping competition. It is a really big deal! I have missed it in the past 2 years because it conflicted with the Aiken Steeplechase, which I did the poster for last year and photographed the year before. But I made up for it this year! I also was lucky enough to get a media pass... so I could get in the ring to shoot. But my favorite is taking photos in the warm up area... of the driving competition. I got some wonderful shots even though the weather was a little ifie! Some wild weather went through here... but the show got lucky... on saturday there was an 80% chance of severe weather.. it hopped over us and drenched everything north. On sunday the same scenario... but add high winds and tornadoes and hail... It bounced right over us and all that horrible weather was just south! Only 2 classes got cancelled. I will post some of my favorites in the next few days. I am hoping to do some collage work and possible get my work on their 2014 poster/program. And there are a few that are just begging to be pastels or oils! I also want to set up my work there next year... so I need some driving work!

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