Thursday, December 22, 2011

Garrett & Jacob Portrait #7

Garrett & Jacob Portrait #7, originally uploaded by debifitz.

pastel on clairefontaine pastelmat
private collection
actual size 19"X26"

O.K. I "think" I'm done.. will probably tweak Garrett a little more. I really love the way this one came out! I especially love the grass and wood... it felt a little closer to painting on this surface. Although I do see that I really have to plan what I am going to do... the surface does not take well to erasing... it is possible but you lose the freshness when you do. And I really have to plan on where I am going to put my signature!! I did not think about that until I was about to do it! When working on velour or suede, I would do my signature in a felt tipped art pen... can't do that here! And with this piece I had the fence to deal with. The only place to put it was in the right hand corner and I had a shadow there that I really liked! So I ended up doing it in a lighter colored pastel in the shadow. I think it looks alright... I am having it scanned for the client so she can do christmas cards and some small giclees done for gifts.

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