Sunday, August 7, 2011

UsherPortrait #6

UsherPortrait #6, originally uploaded by debifitz.

pastel on suede
actual size 20"X26"
private collection

Sorry I have not been posting... I got to go to my Fitzgerald family reunion. It was held in the Gatlinburg, Tn. area of the Smokey Mountains. Had a great time! I have not seen my cousins in over 20 years! And it is amazing how we all just picked up like the 20 years were 2 years instead! I also had a few photo shoots... one in Blowing Rock, NC, and one in Flat Rock, NC.. I delivered a portrait on my way up to Tenn.. I will post that one a little later. I got some really good shots of a bear that was a frequent visiter to the cabin! My cousin Mike got a great short video of 4 bear cubs and mother playing. Of course my camera at that time was in the car!! Could not get to the car because of the bears!! After they left, I got my camera out and ready.. and of course they did not come back! One lone male came by a few times... got some nice shots of him. But he was not nearly as much fun as the cubs! I will post some pics later today... still have to process them.

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