Friday, August 12, 2011

Usher Portrait #7

UsherPortrait #7, originally uploaded by debifitz.
Pastel on suede matt board
actual size 20"X26"
artists collection

Almost done and the client tells me she really wants the portrait horizontal... After pulling my hair a little and screaming into a pillow, I will do it over horizontally. So this portrait is now part of my collection. I could be a stinker and just give this to her and move on. But I really want my clients to be happy... so many of my commissions are from personal referrals. I really can not afford (especially in this market) to have some one unhappy. I am going to put this aside for awhile to work on a few portraits to catch up economically and then do it over... I will also change the back ground to something else from Blowing Rock... they are known for their flower borders. I have some photos of a fence line next to a warm up area with lots of black-eyed susans. The yellow will be very pretty with Usher's dark bay coloring. This is a lesson to me to be a lot more specific with the clients and to write it down! I usually do this, but this was a spontaneous commission for a return client.... lesson learned the hard way! In over 25 years I have never had to do artist/client contracts... maybe this is a time to start.


  1. Wow! this was amazing to see the progression from start to finish. I am an artist also (not anywhere as talented as you are!) I teach art at the high school, but my greatest creative passion is writing. I have three books in print so far and also write and direct plays.
    I happened upon your blog by accident!

  2. Hi Tracy! Thank you! I am glad you found me! I don't get around to exploring other blogs as much as I would like. I will definitely check yours out!