Saturday, June 28, 2014

Casallo with Hazzy and Blanche Finished!

So sorry I have been away for so long!  Life with my mom has been quite the roller coaster!  She arrived right after my last post in February!  Since than I have moved her 3 times (different rooms in the same facility)  Started in the memory care section because of her dementia… they wanted to make sure she was not going to wander off. Thought it was going to be alright and moved her to the general population… that lasted less than a week before she was found wandering in the parking lot!  Back to memory care!  A month ago they thought she was having either a stroke or heart attack… sent her to the hospital… turns out she had an obstructed bowel!  Three weeks of basically being bedridden, we are  now in rehab! O.K. TMI!  Between keeping up with her and just doing my work, something had to give! Sorry bout that!  She is doing alright in rehab but I am afraid this is the calm before the storm!  It is just so sad to see your parents fading away! She recognizes me, but does not know who I am.  She lives in the moment, which is good for her, but sad for me.  And also hard for her care givers, nurses and doctors. And she just does not have the will to get better…. so very sad!  I thought I would blog about the experience… but it is just so depressing that I could not make myself rehash everything here.  My work, when I can do it has been my retreat from it all. I also have taken up guitar again after 20 years or so! I always found playing to be therapeutic.  Need all I can get right now! And I have lots of work that needs to get posted here!!  Some really wonderful pieces  too!  So… stay tuned!  And thanks for listening if I ramble on a bit about life with an elderly parent!  And I must add…  my dad on the other hand has been in Africa on a safari for the last few weeks!  Total polar opposite!


  1. Oh so sorry to hear about your difficulties with your Mum Debi ... ramble on as much as you like to get it 'off your chest'.
    Its great that you can lose yourself a little in your art and your guitar playing and I'll look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous pictures when you have time to post