Saturday, December 7, 2013

Casallo with Hazzy & Blanche #2

Casallo with Hazzy & Blanche #2, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Back ground coming along. I just love the fall colors! We do not get much of that here in Florida… probably why I like this background so much! You may also notice that when doing this drawing I tried to mark some of the white in this horses dapples. He is a really beautiful animal… but those dapples are going to drive me to drink!! My friend Bob, who owned this horse at the time, mentioned to me that he had a special horse he wanted done while I was at this horse show in Va.. While visiting with a friend under the main tent, we saw this magnificent dappled gray horse coming up to the ring. We could not see the rider because of the other tents. My friend commented that I should take a photo and just do a pastel of it… I of course said "NO WAY! All those dapples will drive me crazy!" And then it occurred to me that it might possibly be Bob's horse… sure enough! I walked out and there was Bob sitting on top!! The only thing harder than a gray dappled horse is a bay dappled horse… you have to be much more subtle with the bay to get that richness.

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