Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Petey, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Petey Done!…. sorry for being such a bad blogger! Went to a big family wedding and have been off track ever since. Picked up a couple of commissions along the way…always a good thing! And now trying to get back into my routine… although I can not seem to remember what that was!! I was busy working on the calendar cover for Danny and Ron's Rescue before the trip. And I also did a Christmas card for them this year and a logo for the humane society that they work out of in Camden,S.C.. BUSY! Although they are going to hold off the Christmas cards and promote it next year… a lot of their big donors had already ordered their Christmas cards for this year… so it was decided to save it for next year where they will have more time to market it properly… I will post them here though!!.. next blog!


  1. Beautiful work as ever Debi. The background must have taken ages :-)