Saturday, August 24, 2013

Petey #3

Petey #3, originally uploaded by debifitz.
Sorry I have not been on in a while... I just acquired an iPad!!! Been pining for one for a while now... to use in art work of course!! NO really! I have seen that a lot of artist are using them in place of photos for reference. I have started having issues with the co that does my printing. The photos always come out darker than what I am uploading from my computer. And my home printer's color is off. Not to mention, I was seeing the possibilities of using the iPad on the road as a portfolio and to show clients the photos that I take. I have a lap top that I have been using for a while now and I am worried about it dying on me. This way I have a back up for that also. But every time I save a few pennies, something comes up and empties the piggy bank! Well... Danny and Ron's Rescue to the rescue!! I got the most wonderful care package from them in the mail the end of last week.... an iPad 4!!! So I have been playing around with it all week. And I have started using it on their 2014 calendar cover that I am working on at the moment. I ordered an iPad armature for my work space... so that I do not have to hold it while I work. Got that yesterday and it is working beautifully! You should have seen what I rigged up while waiting for it to arrive!! I will post a pic of the new set up soon! Still getting used to the retina display instead of a photo. I will probably use both. But it is great for getting close ups for detail like hands and feet!

Back to Petey!! I do love the way this bg has turned out! In reality, the horse could not be standing on flat ground... there is a steep hill going up to the client's barn and home.  The client asked me to make it more realistic by changing the perspective of the ponds and fencing. That would have bunched them all up in the bottom third of the portrait. But compositionally, I like the way the fencing and ponds break up the piece horizontally. Petey and the pine tree are such strong vertical elements. And then I love the diagonal lines from the tree shadows soften it all.  I think this is one of my best back grounds!


  1. Haha sounds as though you've been building up a good case to justify the purchase of an iPad Debi :-)

    I haven't got one yet, and wouldn't have a clue how to work one - I'm seeing my grand-daughter tomorrow so she'd probably be able to explain it all. She's 3 (going on 13) and mum and dad are both techies with every gadget going!

    Background does look really good ... look forward to seeing the rest

  2. It was pretty easy to get started... although I hate the fact that you no longer get a physical user manual! Have to go online for it. And it took me forever to figure out how to down load from my computer... was not hard... I just did not want EVERYTHING from my computer on the iPad. So I had to do that a few times before I got it the way I want it. I have enjoyed a few ebooks on it as well!! And I watched a horse show that was being live cast from the web (Danny and Ron were on it! and a few other clients and friends were showing!). I don't have the time to sit in front of my computer too long... but I can bring the iPad into the family room or kitchen and watch!!