Friday, July 12, 2013


Dad&Me, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Over the years I had started making cards for my Dad. I would usually find great quotes or even borrow the sayings on father's day or cards (I always bought them before using!) I would go thru old photos and either cut them up and make collage cards or print them out on card stock and hand print the messages. This is all fine when I have the time... which I haven't in the last few years! And I am really bad about remembering Dad's birthday! It is the end of October... which is not close to any other family member's... not a great excuse... but that always helps! When I was in college, it was generally right before mid terms... I always forgot! Luckily he never failed to forgive me! Fathers are like that. One year while at school I was so proud of myself for finding the perfect card... well I did not read it very carefully... it was an Easter card. That was back in the days when they did not clear out the old cards from the stands! He got such a kick out of it! For my birthday (first of April) he sent me a money card for my barmitzvah! I have become known for being late with all cards. In fact it is usually considered a gift when they arrive on time!!

This year for father's day, I decided to do something a little more. I did this drawing from an old photos that I believe my grandfather took. He always loved taking photos of everyone all the time... nothing too exciting... just family lined up in front of the car or large flowering shrub! And you can tell he drove everyone a little nuts taking them all the time for every little event. I cherish each and everyone of them!

This is graphite on paper about 8"X12". But true to form... I have not given it to him yet!!! I decided to get it framed at the last minute and still have to ship it out! He knows something is coming and is being patient!


  1. LOL What a lovely memory and beautiful portrait!
    I'm sure he will love it Debi :)

  2. Thanks Peggy! I think I can ship it to him monday!

  3. He'll love it Debi.
    I assume your Avatar is you as a toddler? The likeness is great.

  4. Yes! Thanks Sue! I always thought this photo (my avatar) says a lot about my personality... even WAY back then!