Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweetie #6

Sweetie #6, originally uploaded by debifitz.
pastel on PastelMat
private collection

Here is my first go at the stepping stones... Not quite happy with them yet... it seems like the ground is dropping off in front.. So I need to change the angles of them a bit. I am sort of making them up as I go. I have some photos of their garden path with stones like these. It is nice that the colors in them pick up the colors in Sweetie. But I will have to work on them a bit more...

And a really neat thing happen to me recently...  A wonderful artist named Leslie Harrison out of California put me on her web site blog as a guest artist! Never been a guest artist before!!   She does some beautiful pastel paintings of horses,  dogs and people... just like me!   Leslie works on my old friend velour...  I will have to try her paper source.  As much as I love PastelMat,  I still miss the feeling you get with velour. Especially with certain subjects. I have had so much trouble finding quality velour.  Her web site is amazing... please check it out! Leslie Harrison


  1. I love Leslie's work on velour so congratulations on becoming a guest artist Debi.

    Shame you don't live closer to me - I have loads of unused grey and sand coloured velour paper. I fell out of love with it a couple of years ago :-)

  2. Thanks Sue! The problem I have had with velour is more about the quality than the paper. When I first started doing pastel I used a velour made by a company named Morilla. I would buy it by the 100 sheet box. Never had a problem with it (flaking and/or getting soft) They got bought out by Bienfang... but by the time I found out (because I bought so many at a time) I could not stock up. Tried Bienfang... it actually fell apart. I recently tried a few other company's paper... not so great. The main problem is that the pastel flakes off when I ship it.... not good! Had a major catastrophe with it about a year ago. But I do love the softness of velour for horses and dogs... but I love the detail I can get with PastelMat.... could always use both!... depending on the subject matter...