Friday, September 21, 2012

Danny & Ron's Rescue 2013

Danny & Ron's Rescue 2013, originally uploaded by debifitz.
That time of year again! Here is my latest piece for two of my favorite friends Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw. They have set up this amazing dog rescue project... Since hurricane Katrina, they have placed 5,000 (!!!) dogs and a few cats! They have even rescued a donkey and a llama! The cow in this piece is Lorena... one of their many pets! I could not find a good photo of a llama... was afraid it would come out looking like a big shaggy dog!! This is the 4th calendar cover I have done for is such an honor! The calendar is a great fund raiser. Each month is a dog that has been rescued... photo with a brief story. The calendar has just gone to press and will be available the first of October.

Their website is...

Next year we are going to be doing them on their pontoon down in Wellington, Florida... their winter home! Should be fun! I always have a great time taking the photos for these projects! This last photo session we did in Camden, S.C.... their home base.  I spent two days with them... always an adventure!  They have at least 20 to 30 dogs that live with them in their home!!!  About 10 are permanent residents. The others are just there until they are adopted.  Lots of barking... but amazingly no fights!  They are trying to see just how each dog reacts to other dogs, people, children, cats and horses.  That way they find the best match for their forever homes. They micro chip each dog and have a contract signed so that they get the dogs back for whatever reason the match does not work out.  They are truly AMAZING people!  And I am so blessed to have them as such good friends!

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  1. What amazing people - wish there were more like them!
    Love the calendar and hope it raises lots of cash for them.