Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aiken Steeplechase #9

Aiken Steeplechase #9, originally uploaded by debifitz.

oil on canvas
artist collection
actual size 24"X30"

Worked on the background and grass in the foreground. I always work more on the backgrounds than anything else! Grass has always driven me crazy... it is almost like doing an abstract painting with in a realistic painting! I want it to look interesting up close as well as when you back up. So I play with color and brush strokes to make it more interesting... besides, the grass is more than just green! The dogwoods in the background are going to need more attention.... I don't want them to pop forward so much or to become flat. Also worked on the crowd and tents some. And the banner and brush box. In the photos the brush box is almost a black... I choose to make it a very dark green. I like the way the brush box looks. But I will still add a little more pain to it... make it a little richer... not so flat.

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