Saturday, July 9, 2011

Usher Portrait #1

UsherPortrait #1, originally uploaded by debifitz.
pastel on suede matt board

I have been away from the easel for a little while... summer! I just got back from a really fun trip to New Orleans... I grew up there. I went back for a high school reunion. Had a blast catching up with old friends and being transported back to a simpler time... although at the time I did not think it was so simple!

But now back to reality!... Before my trip I worked on this portrait on a velour paper. Unfortunately, when I shipped it to the client, a lot of the detail flaked off! I actually had this happen to me about 20 years ago on the same type of paper... it may have been the exact same paper. Although I thought this surface was different. I recently worked on a head study of 2 red and white setters on this paper, and thought it was really nice... although I did not have to ship it. It went to someone local. And the subject matter was lighter in color... I tend to really work to get the rich colors in a dark animal. Evidently, the more I worked on this surface the less it accepted. I did spray it before shipping and thought that I was going to be safe... but I did have a little apprehension when I shipped it away... Earlier, while working on it, I placed a piece of tracing paper on it to protect an area from smearing when I rested my hand. When I picked up the paper, a lot of the pastel came up.... Now this will happen, but not as much as on this occasion. I had already spent so much time on the project and really wanted to save it... so I reworked the area. Sprayed it. And thought I had saved it. My client was not happy. This is her second piece so she knows my work very well.... SO here I am doing it over. I will have the client send me back the first portrait and post it here to show the comparison between the different surfaces.

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