Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reggie #2

Reggie #2, originally uploaded by debifitz.

pastel on suede
private collection
actual size 20"X26"

Every once in a while you get a really good client... actually I do have quite a few good repeat clients! And this women is one of them! She has two homes. And instead of getting copies of the work I do for her, she has had two originals done of each portrait she has commissioned. I just love it when you find someone that appreciates the difference... and can afford it! That is why you might think this portrait is a repeat. I did the first one back in november of last year. It is a slightly different pose and a different background. The portrait is done on the suede because I did the first one on suede. I used the darker warm gray suede, which I think is much better than the light pinkish gray I had been using... it definitely does better for the darker colored animals. I do have to replenish my dark brown pastels!! It is so hard to find really good dark purpley browns. And I am down to crumbs!!!

My next piece is on suede also because it is bigger than the 20"X26" size. So, it might be a little while before I post my next pastel... BUT, I just got a new camera!!! ( NIkon D300!!!) My Fuji is starting to have "issues" and I can not afford to be without a camera. My back up is a negative camera.... can't go there any more.... that boat has sailed!!! I am hooked on digital. Can't even imagine changing rolls of film!!! I will have to do some experimental shooting with the D300... so I will post some photos between now and then! Actually I used it to photograph this piece... I took a few shots with the old camera to compare.... LOVE IT!! Now I just have to finish reading "the book" on it!!

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