Monday, November 15, 2010

Tux, Magnolia, and Donald #2

Tux, MAgnolia, and Donald #2, originally uploaded by debifitz.

This is a progression I did of 2 horses and a dog. I photographed the horses in Tryon, N.C. and the dog in Wellington, Fl.. Unfortunately, the dog, Magnolia, had to be put to sleep a couple of weeks after the photos were taken. Very sad! She was dearly loved. I tried to get this done in a record 4 days... not to be! I took the progression photos to help me keep going. I did 2 "almost all nighters"... I am really getting to old for those!! I had down loaded some great new music (Joe Bonamassa!!! WOW!!! Blues guitarist... amazing!) onto my Ipod and rocked the nights away... but it still did not get done!! Oh well! I finally have time to get them on my blog. I will down load the photos tomorow.....

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