Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emily & Sparky

Emily & Sparky, originally uploaded by debifitz.

I have been away for a while. I was off shooting photos in the Carolinas for some clients and for my two good friends, Ron and Danny. Last year I was honored to do the cover for their calendar benefitting their dog rescue charity. I get to do it again this year! So I got to spend a day taking pics of them and a few (20 or 30!!) of their dogs. It is always fun to be with those two. They are so busy between their horse training/show schedule and dog rescue that it was a real treat to have their total attention! Plus I have convinced them to have different artists do a portrait of each month's dog instead of the photos they have done for the last few years. And of course I offered to help organize this... now I just have to find 11 artist that are willing to donate a portrait to the cause! I want the artists to be fairly diverse in style to make it interesting. So I guess I should be hitting the web to find some neat artists! Shouldn't be too hard! It is such a great cause. If anyone wants to check out their work, here is their website....

This portrait is my latest... Emily and Sparky. It was a fun one to do since being off for a while. I am working on a couple of paintings and one other pastel right now. Trying to juggle all three and not getting a whole lot done it seems. I am going to try to take some progression photos of the paintings. So I will be posting them... just as soon as I am happy with their progress!!

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