Sunday, March 1, 2015

Royal Delta and Bill Mott WIP #3 and #4 plus detail

Her are a few more WIP's of Royal and Bill. Plus a detail of Bill's hand.  A lot of emotion is in that pat of the hand… so it was important to get it right! And hands are hard!!!  A man's arm was kind of interesting to do too...  to show the hairs on his arm without making it look dirty.  I am so pleased with the way it came out!  One of the tricks I tell young artists about doing something a little different for them, is to "do what you see, not what you know". That especially goes for colors. If you have trouble figuring out a color, it is sometimes helpful to get a neutral gray card. Cut a small window in it. Then you can hold it up to your picture to help you identify the color.. without being influenced by what is around it.  Oh and my other favorite tip... "less is more"… keep it simple so you do not draw attention it an awkward area.

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