Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Royal Delta #5

Almost there….  sorry for the delay in getting this up.  I have been on a trip through the Carolinas… part business, part family.  I had 6 photo shoots in the Charlotte, N.C., area.  And I wanted to check out a new horse show facility in Tryon, N.C….  the Tyron International Equine Center. I have been hearing a lot of amazing comments on the show facilities and wanted to check out the show grounds and speak to them about displaying my work there next spring.  Well, it was amazing!  Money is being poured into this 1400 acre horse resort.  It is very well thought out and planned.  However they were not very receptive to allowing individual artists to set up at this time.  The venders area is a little on the small side for a facility this large. There are plans to expand this in the future.  They do have a local gallery on site,  Skyuka Fine Arts,  and it just so happens to be one I had exhibited my work in last spring.  I had planned to stop in and say hello on this trip…  Had a great visit and one thing lead to another and… they are now going to represent my pastel portraits!!  The owners husband  ( Richard C. Nelson) does amazing oil portraits and is with Portraits Inc.,  a national portrait agency. My oils do not light a candle to his!  But he is not an equine artist…  he will do them but prefers to do the big oil portraits…. so there is an opening for me!!!  This is the first gallery to represent me!  I have never found one that was the right fit and this one feels right.  I am very excited about the future partnership!  We have already talked prices and they are basically doubling!  Of course a large part of that is their commission.  But they will be doing all the work to get the commissions and they are going to be on the show grounds for the whole show circuit. I will be doing a portrait for them to display after the first of the year.  I also have a few ideas for some gallery pieces!  Very excited for 2015!!!

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  1. How exciting Debi. Your work is fabulous and I'm sure you'll do really well at this Gallery. Congratulations and Good Luck!