Thursday, July 24, 2014

Royal Delta WIP #2

I am doing the background a light pinkish grey… only because the client had seen one of my older pieces that was on the suede mat board and really liked it.  So I am attempting to recreate it… sort of!  The background is blue in the upper left because of my lighting…  day light bulb on left and above, and tungsten on the right.  I will eventually replace the tungsten. I really like the way Royal's body is coming along…. took me a while though.  But I love using the purples and blues for that slight highlight in the shadows. And it will really make her head pop off the paper.


  1. Looking beautiful ... as does all your work Debi - so what paper/support are you actually working on?

  2. HI Sue! Thank you!! Clairfontaine PastelMat. Used to work on velour and suede mat board… but started having trouble with the pastel flaking off… especially the darker colors. So I stared experimenting with other papers… and settled on this one. The only thing I do not like is that you are not suppose to mount it with heat. And I do not know of a good adhesive to use… so I just tape it to my art bd. with painters tape and then tape it to card board, mat, and shrink wrap to ship. So far, so good… been using this paper for about 3 years now. And you really can not spray fix it… but the pastel stays on quite well with out it… the one time I did, I had to rework the whole thing because of little specks and all the light areas looked dirty. I would love to try to make my own surface… but too lazy!! :)

    1. I like Pastelmat also - great with coloured pencils as well as pastels. I also like sanded paper (Fisher 400) for pastels but can't stop myself blending with fingertips which leads to very sore spots as the sandpaper is abrasive.
      I agree that fixative can make light/white colours go muddy and lose their brightness. If I 'fix' pastel I usually end up re-doing the white areas

  3. Unfortunately I can not get Fishers paper in US.... At least not when I was experimenting. Every once in a while I will see it online here, but it is usually smaller sheets.