Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Petey #1

Petey #1, originally uploaded by debifitz.

19"X26" pastel on PastelMat

Here is my next work in progress to share. The horse is Petey. A hunter/jumper from Southern Pines, N.C.. Sweet guy... The back ground is part of the client's farm. Part of this is now owned by someone else, but was originally part of the family farm... so it is important to my client. So I am being a bit crazed about getting it just right. The client is a bit particular also... so I want her to be happy!! I actually love the way it is turning out... I love the sun light coming down through the trees. It gives lots of depth to the portrait.


  1. Love the composition on this one! Can't wait to see how it turn out.

    I'm trying pastelmat now for the first time... which kind of transfer paper do you use to trace the image onto it? Or do you get the transfer using another method?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Meghan! Thank you! I use a projector to get my image onto the PastelMat. I used to free hand everything until I started using velour paper years ago. It did not do well with erasing. And back then I thought $4.00 a sheet was expensive paper! I could not afford to ruin it. So I started using an old slide projector one of my art professors gave me. I would cut up the negatives and put them in plastic slide holders. The images were hard to get many details from... but at least it gave me the main info. I would fill in the rest. Now I have a little more modern version. Save me a lot of time especially on the bigger and more complicated projects.