Friday, July 20, 2012

Brian & Rascal

Brian & Rascal, originally uploaded by debifitz.
pastel on Clairefontaine PastelMat
private collection

This is one I finished a while ago. I am sorry I have not blogged in a while... after my last trip, I just got out of the habit and I had a bunch of work to catch up on. I will try to post some of these in the next few days. I have also been working on a large painting in between a few pastels... trying to get it done and I have been really bad about taking progression photos of it... I was on a roll and did not want to take the time. I will post the few I have taken later.

Hope everyone is having a good summer... for once, it is cooler here in Florida, than most of the rest of the country! Although we have already had a tropical storm go through... my name sake.. Debby! She was not too bad, but did hang around a little longer than she was welcome! We needed the rain... but not all at one time! Our property was alright, but our driveway was flooded. I could not drive my car through it for about a week! Most of the water has gone down. Now we have a major mosquito problem and have just been taken over by baby toads! My chickens have been thoroughly enjoying the toads... should have some really healthy eggs for the next few weeks! And my new cologne is "ode de off"... the "Deep Forest" scent! Sort of tired of that... but trying not to complain "too" much. Because I love having lots of grass for the horses! Although I do feel so sorry for them being out with the mosquitoes 24/7. I have been spraying them as much as possible and have been lighting tiki torches with citronella oil around their pastures. They do hang out around the torches... so I guess they are helping! Summer in Florida!

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