Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kellogg Pups

pastel on Clairefontaine pastelmat
private collection
actual size 12"X18"

This is one that I finished a little while ago...  it was a late surprise Christmas present.  They finally received it so it is safe to post now!  A friend had been at me to get some pictures secretly of these guys for a while.  But they were never far away from the owner.  In fact I saw them all at a horse show this last summer, with their person. Me, with camera in hand, acted like I hadn't seen the dogs in a while and just started taking photos.  They had on this hideous shoulder harnesses, which was a real pain to take out of the portrait.... these Jack Russells have lots of swirls and spots on their chest... so I had to fudge a little there. And they really were in front of these black-eyed Susans.  I think it came out quite nice!

I am back working on the portrait of Usher... that I am re-doing for the 3rd time!  I will be working on another pastel and one painting at the same time... so I don't know how many posts I am going to be doing.  When ever I do a couple at a time I feel like I am spinning my wheels and nothing gets done!  I do have another dog portrait progression that I did a little while ago, that I have not yet posted here... so I will probably post that until I catch up!  Also I have a big horse show that is going on in my area right now... it always tends to distract me!  I have managed to stay away from it so far... but  I have a few people that I need to touch base with.  Seems like I never get anything done this time of year!  And then it will be spring... and who wants to be inside working?!


  1. I just love your work. Your knowledge of dog fur, structure... really takes your work to an incredible level!

  2. Thank you so much Maria! It helps that I have done lots of these little guys over the years!