Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Player, originally uploaded by debifitz.

Been gone for a while... I had a trip and came home to having to buy a new computer..... :( !! What an ordeal! Much more aggravating than starting from scratch! I love my new computer... got a mac mini... really nice.... so much faster!! And I have been blaming my broad band connection this whole time!! It has been the setting up that has been the source of my irritation! I have been having an awful time trying to get my printer and scanner to work on the new computer. Been on the phone for days (it seems like!!) with epson and apple! Managed to get the printer going... still working on the scanner. And then I had to upgrade photo shop... CS2 would not run on my lap top and definitely not on my new mac mini... so had to do that too... of course that has been fun... so much new stuff to learn. And of course now I need a whole new library of books! Anyone need some books on photo shop CS2?!!
So I will be putting 2 new pastels on the blog and I am working on a large oil painting ... which I will be doing a progression for the blog. So more posts to come!
This is a pastel of a lovely hunter named Player. It is done on suede mat board and is 20"X26".


  1. just found you on FB today, shared with some friends. I was looking at horses today to find someone that might let me use a photo and found you. WOW - I have never seen anything like it! I can't believe you don't have 1,000's of followers. Thanks so much for posting on FB so other people can find you and admire the beauty.

  2. Thanks Pam! Please send all your friends my way!!

  3. Hi Debi,
    Your work is utterly amazing! I just "favorited" your whole collection on flickr. If you need any Photoshop help, ask away. I've used it every work day for the last 15 years or so (I'm a graphic designer.)
    I hope you get paid very, very well for your work. It is spectacular!

  4. Thanks Becca! Sorry it took so long to post your comment... still getting used to this blogging stuff... I did not see it till today! Now I know where to look!