Saturday, March 27, 2010


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Here is my latest... took a little longer to get it on here. As soon as I had shipped it out to the client, i came down with the flue! Have not had that since being a kid! Don't want it again! Luckily it only had me down for about 48 hours. And it has taken me about 2 more days to feel about normal again! Now to catch up! Seems like I was doing that when I got the flue... lots of family "stuff" going on right now too! But I have a lot of pieces that need to get done!!!! So back to work... the only problem "now" is that it is SO beautiful outside finally. Florida is about a month off schedule for spring. All the new green especially after such an unusually long and cold winter!!! I just love this time of year! The azaleas are just starting to bloom... they are usually done by the beginning of march, not the end. I smelled the first wisteria last nite while walking the dogs... has to be my just about my favorite scent of spring! Quite the strange weather year... just hope that does not mean a bad summer of hurricanes! Smack my fingers for even typing that!!!!

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