Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bo Bett Summer Fun

Bo Bett Summer Fun, originally uploaded by debifitz.
O.K... This one is a little different for me! But fun! And it is the third pastel I had agreed to do in exchange for my horse! Always a good thing! Carol Harris is the breeder of these dogs... she breeds and shows whippets, Italian grey hounds and quarter horses... she is truely an amazing person! And she is in her 80's to boot! I want to grow up and be just like her!! She is a neighbor and a friend. I can always count on Carol to come up with something interesting for me to do!

The dogs were photographed on the asphalt... we debated about making it grass in the pastel. But I am glad we decided to keep the asphalt... I had fun playing with the sun spots and all the colors and textures in the gray asphalt.

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