Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have recently started keeping a photo record of the progressions of my bigger projects. It has really been a fun and beneficial thing to do... I can sometimes see problems better in a smaller photographic form than from looking at the original. I know there is something not quite right but I can't seem to put my finger on it... but then I look at it on the computer and it is staring right at me! WAY before computers and digital photography, one of my art professors told me to try looking at my work with a mirror or even upside down. He also said that if you could put your paintings across for your favorite chair and live with them... then they were done! I find that my work is never really done.... I always find something I want to change!

Here is the progression of my portrait of Chloe, her dog, and ponies. The photos that I took for this piece are on flickr. This was a very challenging project! I started out with a photo session with Chloe, Max (dog), and the two ponies on either side of her... Artie and Nitt. Then I photographed the other 3 to fit. One of the ponies was not in Florida at the time. I work on a photo taken by Lizzie (whom I refer to as the pony nanny!)... Thank you Lizzie! The other ponies are (from left to right) Birdie, Beau, Ali, and Sabrina.

This is oil on canvas and the size is 28"X60".

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